Potato Chips Colorado Style


Potato Chips Colorado Style

Our Flagchip Flavors

Our original flavors are inspired by the indigenous and cultural experiences around our great state to create unique yet approachable flavors that people of all ages can enjoy!


Backyard Cookout

These chips are inspired by those summer evenings and weekends with friends on the back patio. Smoke, citrus, and spice carry these BBQ-inspired chips well after the close of the weekend!


Honey, Sage, & Onion

Its really that simple! Three of the most common indigenous ingredients to our vast state together at last, accompanied by a pinch of salt will keep you coming back until the bag is gone.


colorado green Chili

Made with real green chilies, this flavor is more inspired by Colorado's famous pork green chili. Hints of maple sugar and cumin help to quell the heat and balance out an intensely flavored chip.