our Farmers

We are striving to spread the word about Harvest Moon Potatoes! These delicious spuds are purple skinned and yellow fleshed. They are a medium high moisture potato with a subtle earthy sweetness that definitely comes through in our potato chips. We are proud to source exclusively from Rockey Farms LLC in Center, CO.

These brothers, Brendon and Sheldon Rockey, along with their team, work tirelessly in the heart of the San Luis Valley (hence Center, CO) bring us all the highest quality potatoes in Colorado. They are leading the charge in experimenting with sustainable farming practices as detailed in this great article

what is "colorado style"

These hand sliced potato chips are sourced from a single farm in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. Too often chip manufacturers mask the potato chip with an overabundance of salt and artificial flavorings. Our goal is to create a balanced chip that highlights the flavor of the potato, and hence the farmer, with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Through trial, but mostly error, we have created a chip that is thinner than your typical kettle cooked chip but retains that same crunch. Most importantly, these chips won't leave your fingers greasy and searching for a napkin!

Our Goal

 We want to make one of the best chips, period. We are constantly working to achieve this goal through experimenting and having fun. After all, they're just potato chips! We take pride in keeping our business 100% Colorado, from our farmers to our designers, packagers, and makers. Because nothing brings a community together like chips!


Our Beer-paired Flavors

Currently, our chips come in three different pairings:

Roasty - These chips are ideal with roasted malt beers such as stouts, porters, rauchbiers, and aged beers. Fennel, vanilla, and cinnamon complement the heavy chocolate and coffee notes to add an extra touch of sweet and salty smoothness to a genre of beers known for their heavy flavors.

Malty - Bready, biscuit is the first thing we typically think when it comes to lagers, amber ales, etc., so we've taken different herbs and spices that most remind you of your favorite piece of toast, biscuit, baguette, ciabatta, or whatever your fancy most to pair with your favorite porch beer!

Fruity/Hoppy - IPAs, APAs, Saisons.. not always the most palate friendly beers! These chips help to highlight the typically strong coriander and bitter notes associated with a hoppy flavor profile using bright herbs and spices to complement and counter these sometimes take-your-breath-away ales.